Welcome To Caneolina Corso Kennel. We Are A Marine Corps Veteran/Family Owned Cane Corso Kennel In Eastern North Carolina; Beulaville To Be Exact. We Fell In Love With The Cane Corso In 2007. We Spent Around 11 Years Researching The Cane Corso, The Best Bloodlines, Visiting Over 20 Different Breeders At Their Homes, Watching Countless Youtube Videos & Simply Just Studying. The Majestic Look, Loyalty, Drive To Please Owner, Obedience, Guarding/Protecting Skills & Countless Other Things Is What Sold Us. 


We Are AKC & ICCF Breeders Of The Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff). Our Goal Is To Produce Corsi With Balanced Structures, Stable Temperaments, Clean Bill Of Health & Consistency. Our Dogs/Puppies Are Family & They Get Treated As Such. Raised Alongside Our 2 Year Old Son, All Of Our Dogs Are Highly Socialized. We Have Placed Puppies In Homes With Farmers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Veterinarians, Service Members, Restaurant Owners, Other Kennel Owners, Government Workers & Even A Few Former NFL Players. Our Ultimate Goal Is To Better The Breed & Produce Healthy Functioning Family/Working Dogs With Protection/Guard Dog Skills, Like The True Cane Corso. We Take Pride In Our Dogs, We Don't Treat Them Like "Family".. We Treat Them AS Family Because They Are!

We Hope You Become Apart Of The Caneolina Family!

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